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Supporting Families Through Their Cancer Treatment Journey

Nobody should have to go through this journey alone and at “Sheer Emunah” we ensure that the families experiencing this challenge do not have to. 


Transportation Aid

Many forms of cancer get in the way of people’s ability to travel independently, and Sheer Emunah works sensitively to help with this particular struggle. We work with patients and their families to understand their particular transportation needs and help them get to and from the hospitals for their treatments in a dignified manner. 

Therapy Sessions

Sheer Emunah helps fund mental health treatments for cancer patients and their families. This is intended to help navigate the emotional distress of diagnosis, as well as treat the traumatic effects and shock of cancer and the way it affects the individual and family system. 

Financial Assistance

Sheer Emunah helps cancer patients by providing financial assistance for struggling families. The world of patients and their families are overturned and families oftentimes need additional financial support to cover their expenses.

 When the cancer patient is also the primary breadwinner of the family, the struggle is compounded as cancer significantly impedes their ability to work at the same level of efficiency prior to the diagnosis. Sheer Emunah helps struggling families by alleviating some of their financial strains, so that they can focus more easily on their treatment and recovery process.

We help with the trauma & initial shock and support the families with

Hi, I'm Gitty

As a cancer survivor myself, I understand the struggles and burdens that come with a diagnosis and all that follows. Through my own experience and from meeting with countless other survivors, I understand the intricacies of what those who experience cancer are dealing with, and I have designed Sheer Emunah with those details in mind.

I felt and experienced G-d’s divine presence all along and my “Sheer Emunah” and the internal songs of faith that echoed within the chambers of my soul helped me navigate one of the greatest challenges I have faced. I founded this organization, to provide unwavering support and resources

to others in need.


Please consider donating now, in order to join Sheer Emunah on our mission of instilling hope and helping cancer warriors in their journey to recovery.

Aesthetics Care

Research indicates that many cancer patients are negatively impacted by the effects that cancer has on their physical appearance. This often leaves lasting effects on their body image. Sheer Emunah helps those who have been diagnosed with cancer access services including, wigs and toupee fittings, scar camouflage, eyebrow microblading, nail restoration, areola reconstruction and other aesthetic treatments, which are not covered by insurance. We work to help patients reclaim their lives and feel beautiful inside and out.  

  • What services does Sheer Emunah provide?
    Sheer Emunah provides a range of support services for cancer patients and survivors including financial assistance, transportation aid, help obtain competent mental health services, and help with aesthetic treatments to help with some of the physical changes cancer patients experience.
  • How can I support Sheer Emunah's mission?
    There are several ways you can support Sheer Emunah's mission! You can volunteer your time, donate to the organization, or spread awareness through social media and word of mouth. Every contribution, big or small, helps make a difference in the lives of cancer patients and survivors.
  • How can someone access Sheer Emunah's services?
    To access Sheer Emunah's services, individuals can reach out to the organization through our website or contact us directly. We will guide you through the process and provide the necessary information.
  • How are we different from other organizations?
    As a cancer survivor, having gone through this difficult experience, I understand where the needs and gaps in services lie. I designed Sheer Emunah equipped with the knowledge of what services already exist and what services are still needed to best support those in need.

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